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You play the role of museum guard in a cartoon world  who realizes that "Mona Lisa", the famous painting, is distorted. He mysteriously enters the painting and must find a way to restore it, otherwise it will be fired. There are several enemies defind by the highmap. There are 5 lvl. On the ground lvl there the ennemis looking like painting realy ugly like baby drawing, at stage 2 the ennemies looking like childreen drawing. At the top level you defeat the boss, the true "Mona Lisa", if you beat her your going back at your work and the painting is back to normal a cartoon mona lisa inspired by tim burdon artistic view. The game itself is a First Person Shooter with some platform and jump, labyrinth and historical easter eggs. 

There are 3 easter eeg indeen on the map. The first easter egg is on the paint itself, its about a rift on the paint that allow the player to find the 2 other easter. To find the 2 other easter egg the player break the level and can walk on the frame of the paint there are no enemies during the easter egg "phase" but the player will know some fiew facts about DaVinci and Mona lisa itself. 

As a museum gardien you dont have weapons, only your torch-light and some keys. You only have one weapon your torch-light. The torch_light in this world will alow the player to zap some light to kill ennemies.  When you kill all the ennemies of an level you will see on the other mona lisa that the painting is going back to normal. 

To pass from level 1 to level 2 etc you will need to find 2 brush to open a door.

Tips : The realease that you can play is a prototype build on unreal engine 4, you can jump pass through all the 5 level and use platform. 

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AuthorsEddyA, Celthim, SirGryou, Kornichon, Hugues Roger
Made withBlender, Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Unreal Engine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Control : 

Z,Q,S,D = Move 

Bar Space = Jump

Mouse = look 

Mouse left clic = Fire 

"Use ALT + F4 to left the game in Alpha and Beta version."  


TripIngPaintBeta2.1 958 MB
TripIngPaintBeta2.0 902 MB
TripIngPaintBeta1.0 848 MB
TripingPaintAlpha0.1 621 MB

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